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SHEA Water Passport Course

The SHEA Water Passport Course is accredited by the water industry and has been designed for individuals that work in environments involving water. It is also known as the Energy & Utility Skills – Utility SHEA Water Passport. This course is ideal for those that work for water companies such as United Utilities, Thames Water and Yorkshire Water who may require SHEA Water as a minimum H&S requirement.

These companies may require you to undertake such training, therefore it is important that a course with highly qualified trainers and effective content is selected.

The SHEA Water Passport Course is affiliated with the CSCS Scheme, hence allowing water industry staff to access various sites for utility work without the need for an additional CSCS card.

The SHEA Water Passport training can be carried out at your place of work or at our site, thus making this course highly convenient for getting your personnel up to speed. Our team are highly trained and are able to deliver the knowledge required for the workplace.

There are various modules involved when undertaking training with our SHEA Water Passport Course. To name a few items from the course, there is an initial module dedicated to the individual responsibilities of every employee and what they must do in their role. Also, there is a module on risk assessment and workplace procedures.

For more information on any other aspects of the course, don't hesitate to contact us.

The SHEA Water Passport Course has a duration of just one day and the card providing post-training is valid for three years.

The cost of the course depends on how you want it to be delivered and at which venue you decide to choose. There are no specific prerequisites to take the course, therefore all personnel will be covered.

Availability is limited so you should get in touch to ensure that we can deliver the course in a manner that is convenient for you. We are well known for delivering quality training courses for various individuals that work in intensive environments and our SHEA Water Passport Course is no exception. The knowledge that will be delivered will guarantee that the individuals on the course can work in any water environment safely and effectively.

For more information regarding our SHEA Water Passport Course, you can contact us on 0845 86 234 86 or via email at info@uktraining4you.co.uk. If you require training in other fields, take a look at our other courses.

SHEA Water Passport Course

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