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Management Courses

Project management price to start from £395 + VAT per person

Management courses are something we have been offering for many years and we offer a wide range of different project management courses that will suit all types of businesses and people.

Whether you are looking to do an intense project management course, focusing on the work for a whole week at a time, or would prefer to do it over a few weeks with your other work colleagues, we are able to cater a project management course to suit your individual requirements.

We have a range of project management experts on hand who are able to work out what type of project management course may be best for you.

Our project management specialists will be more than happy to offer the training at our training centre in Yarnfield which is fully kitted out with all of the necessary equipment and information needed to complete your desired project management course.

We often take part in business training regarding project management and go to many businesses each year in order to teach and qualify employees how to project manage to the highest of their ability. We are also able to offer project management training for individuals as well as distance learning courses, therefore if you think that a project management course would be something that you or your employees could benefit from, why not call us today for further information.

Lean Management

Being in business and managing a business in these tough times is a challenge to say the least. Never has it been more critical that we manage effectively and efficiently.

  • How well or how poorly are we doing?
  • What can we measure to judge performance?
  • How can we clearly and effectively identify areas for improvement?
  • How can we realise improvement in a structured and quantifiable way?

Lean Management Principles provide us with the tools to accomplish the above. Business Improvement Techniques that include effective team working, problem solving, visual management systems, workplace organization, continuous improvement, effective leadership and creating standard operating procedures are just a few of the tools available.

The key is to critically examine what we do with a view to identifying where “waste” occurs, then through continuous improvement projects eliminate the waste. Additionally, identifying non value added activities and by the same means reducing them to minimum levels.

At each stage it is most important that we measure our performance, setting standards and targets for improvement, which when met actually motivate to continuous improvement activity.

UK Training 4 You provide the support needed to train key employees in the principles and techniques and then offer mentoring services to follow through with practical application of the things learned.

Setting up key performance measures that actually quantify improvement help to demonstrate added value throughout the process and quickly justify the investment in time and resources required.

Funded training in business improvement techniques, lean manufacturing is still available; please contact us for further information.

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