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National Water Hygiene Card Training

We are able to offer the National Water Hygiene Card Training through one of our associate companies. This course is designed for those that wish to work in environments where there is the production of drinking water, such as water supplied by regional water companies.

The National Water Hygiene Card is commonly referred to as the ‘blue card’ in the industry, and we are here to help you obtain one. Our National Water Hygiene Card Training course is second to none and can be specialised to suit your employees as well as your workplace. We can also provide the course to any individual looking to obtain a National Water Hygiene Card and the knowledge the training offers.

We can carry out our National Water Hygiene Card Training at our premises or at your workplace should you prefer. This convenience makes it easier than ever to get your workforce up to date with quality training, minimising downtime.

However, National Water Hygiene Card Training at our own facility aims to make the experience as convenient as possible for the participants, hence you will receive a high standard service whatever option you may choose. If you wish to know more or want to discuss your options, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly assist you. The duration of the course is approximately four hours.

The main objective of National Water Hygiene Card Training is to provide candidates with an overall basic understanding of the importance of maintaining good hygiene standards when working with potable water, regardless of the environment. Holders of a National Water Hygiene Card provided by us will appear on the Energy and Utility Skills Register (EUSR) and the training itself has been developed by EUSR.

Therefore, it is guaranteed that the qualification will have a lasting effect and will be recognised by various water companies including United Utilities and Yorkshire Water. The National Water Hygiene card is valid for three years a temporary cover note will be issued to all successful candidates pending delivery of the card.

There is limited availability therefore you should get in touch as soon as possible, to ensure that we can deliver the course in a manner that is convenient for you. We are well known for delivering quality training courses for various individuals that work in water environments and our National Water Hygiene Card Training is one of them. The knowledge that will be delivered will guarantee that the individuals on the course can work with potable water safely and effectively.

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